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To an innovative, immersive coaching experience! This isn't your average coaching group. If you are looking for community, accountability, encouragement, support, and true growth....you are in the right place!


How We Started

How  I Started

When  I first started, I could not afford to pay to have a website built, hire a housekeeper, personal shopper, a virtual assistant, or take courses. I had to learn things by putting in the long hours and finding free resources. My team consisted of just myself. Now I am proud of the growth I have achieved in such a short time.  

Only you know your business. When I first started, I was told I needed to narrow my niche, change my business name, focus what I was doing. Or how about being asked what you do? I seemed to get the same response from every group I joined. It drove me crazy. Listen, it is YOUR business, so only YOU know what is right for it. Trust your gut. If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. But maybe you just need to have someone walk through your business and understand your vision, then they can give you some out of the box ideas to grow. That's where I can help.




Social Media Success

Your audience has to be built. It doesn't magically happen when you hit the subscribe button to a new coaching group. The way you are going to do that is through social media. Key word in that sentence is social. How do you do that? By posting relevant content. By posting regular content. By posting quality content. By communicating with your community. By networking. You do those things and YOU WILL GROW. People are going to follow you and ultimately spend their time or money with you because they know, like, and trust you. They will know what you do, and even better, they will buy from you.

We have everything a beginner needs to get started, but we also have tools that you can use to build your engagement, manage your time better, and automate some things. When you are running a business, you need to be creating; product, resources, content, classes...you get it right? Take the time to do some simple things to make your life easier. Download my Free 2020 Social Media Planner below, block time out each day for back office work. Set reasonable goals and be honest with yourself about identifying possible obstacles. Then break those goals down into steps and stick to the plan. Before you know it, your goal is achieved and you succeed.


Lean On Community

Surround yourself with a community that is going to show up for you. You do this through networking. It's like throwing a pebble into a pond. It creates a ripple effect. You build the first circle, then it grows. When you have consistent engagement, algorithms show you to a wider audience. It is a proven fact. But to get people to show up, you have to do the same. Build a community. Hold yourself accountable. Do the hard work. The payoff is worth it. And it is just around the corner.